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Crayola Markers

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Crayola markers

When you are gathering the supplies for your next creative project, it may be useful to consider various types of Crayola markers. Some of the many possible uses for the markers include designing colorful posters for school projects, sketching diagrams for business purposes and constructing personal greeting cards for friends.

Types of markers

A wide variety of marker packages is available, helping ensure the right product to meet your needs. Traditional boxes of colored marker pens include a basic selection of colors such as red, blue and green. Larger packages of Crayola markers offer additional color variety with additional color options such as turquoise or fuchsia. Fine line markers are great for detailed drawing while broad line markers may be better for simple sketches or large posters. Washable markers are a great option for young children, as the ink from these markers can be washed off of clothing or skin. Dry-erase markers are great for businesses to use with erasable whiteboards. Another option for creative art projects are gel markers that allow for special effects on paper. Special art kits are also available that combine Crayola markers with other useful art supplies such as paper and glitter.

Related products

Along with Crayola markers, other art supplies are great to have for creative flexibility. Construction paper and poster board are two great choices to complement colored markers. Mixed-media projects that combine the use of Crayola markers with colored pencils or crayons can open up additional possibilities for creativity.

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