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Dog Play Pen

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Dog Play Pen

Dog play pens allow your pup to run safely outdoors, getting important exercise to keep it healthy and active. Walgreens offers a variety of dog play pens, allowing you to find a size and style that suits your dog's needs. Whether you have a large dog that you want to safely contain or a small dog that is more comfortable in a smaller outdoor space, dog play pens satisfy pups of all sizes and breeds. Learn more about how dog play pens available at Walgreens can benefit your pup.

Fido-Friendly Features

Dog play pens are made of durable materials, such as a zinc-plated finish, and feature two secure safety latches on the door, which keep your dog contained. These play pens feature eight connected panels that can be assembled easily without any tools. These panels can be configured into multiple shapes, depending on your preferences. Dog play pens come in a number of sizes, ranging from 24 to 48 inches in height.

Multiple Uses

Dog play pens can work for a variety of situations, making them multifunctional products for all pet owners. These pens can be set up indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. Allow your pup to enjoy the fresh outdoor air, while keeping it secure in a play pen. These pens work well for pet owners who do not have fenced-in yards and want to keep their dogs safe. Dog play pens can also be used indoors -- set them up in a dog-safe room, and you can contain your puppy as you train it or keep your dog secure when you leave the house.

In addition, these dog play pens are portable, allowing you to bring them with you when you travel. Whether you want to pack up the play pen and bring it on vacation or use it to crate your dog at a dog show, these products can be a useful and convenient option for your dog when you travel. Fold them up, and lay them flat in your car trunk for perfect portability.

How to Shop for Dog Play Pens

When purchasing a dog play pen, choose a height that is at least 4-inches taller than the top of your dog's head.

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