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Dog shampoos

Dog shampoos can help promote a clean, healthy pelt for your family friend. These shampoos are specially formulated for the skin of canines and address many problems that dogs may regularly encounter. Shampoo products for dogs may help alleviate problems with itching, dry skin, flakiness, parasites or infections and other fur-related issues. Many pet shampoos contain conditioners integrated into the product.

Choosing the right pet shampoo

Many dog shampoos are specifically designed for pets of various sizes and fur types. Check with your veterinarian if you are uncertain of the fur type or size classification of your dog. Shampoos designed for loose fur or long-haired pets may not work well for those with tight skin and shorter hair. All-inclusive hair care products may not work well for some pets, and may require skin care products, as well. It is best to try a few different shampoos over time, alternating only if the first fails to work well for your dog or introduces unexpected side effects.

Dog shampoo variations

Shampoo variations for dog shampoos include flea and tick care, skin moisturizers for flaking or itching and even heavy conditioning products used by professionals prior to dog shows. Many shampoos use all-natural products designed to prevent side-effects, while others may employ the latest chemical advances for healthy skin and fur. Goat's milk is a common natural base that moisturizes your dog's skin and adds luster and shine to its coat.