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Electronic Stethoscopes

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Electronic stethoscopes

Go state-of-the-art with an electronic stethoscope. Promising better sound quality and a reduction of background noise, electric stethoscopes include backlit displays of frequency selection and your patient's heart rate. Available in an array of colors, these stethoscopes are designed to be lightweight and reliable with an indicator of remaining battery life. Try electronic stethoscopes from Littmann for your professional needs.

Feature focus

Various features of a stethoscope can impact being able to make a quick, accurate diagnosis. When background noise is minimized, it's easier to hear more subtle sounds. A combination of noise reduction technology and sound amplification in an electronic stethoscope can aid in detecting faint sounds. Having options of ear tips will help you find the most comfortable set. Versatile chest pieces that work for adults or children can save time. There are even electronic stethoscopes that can record a sound for playback later and send it to your computer to listen to again.

Home medical equipment

There are an assortment of home tests and monitoring products available here at In addition to electronic stethoscopes, we carry cardiology, nursing and classic Sprague Rappaport stethoscopes. You can also choose between single and dual heads as well as lightweight stethoscopes. There are also digital blood pressure monitors, oximeters and diabetic monitors to track various medical conditions.

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