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Elongated seat commodes

For extra comfort, try an elongated seat commode. These commode seats can be used independently or over a toilet. You can choose elongated seat commodes with a back style you prefer and a model that is height-adjustable. Find home medical commodes from TFI Medical here at Walgreens.com.

Functional features

Some elongated seat commodes have drop arms to make it easier to move a patient from a transfer bench or board to the commode. There are also commode chairs that have a removable back that's made of material that is easy to clean. You can also find a bariatric commode with an elongated seat for heavier individuals.

Home medical supplies and equipment

In our home medical department, you'll find daily living aids and mobility equipment and accessories to help you get through the day more easily. There are a variety of choices of mobility aids available, including walkers and rollators, canes and crutches and wheelchairs and transport chairs. Daily living aids include reachers, orthopedic aids, ostomy supplies and wound care items.