Daily Living Aids

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Daily Living Aids at Walgreens

Being able to perform daily living tasks like eating, getting dressed, bathing and using the toilet independently or with minimal assistance has a profound impact upon the emotional well-being of people who are injured, elderly or disabled. If you or someone for whom you care has difficulty performing daily living tasks due to a medical condition or disability, there are a variety of products on the market to assist them and help them enjoy greater independence and improved well-being.

Assistance for Those with Incontinence

Individuals with limited mobility often struggle to reach the bathroom in a timely manner. This can result in embarrassing accidents and unsanitary conditions in the bedroom. A variety of products are available to help reduce the chances of accidents from occurring. Bedpans and urinals can be kept in the bedroom for emergency situations and mobility aids can help people reach the bathroom more quickly. You can use these types of devices along with other incontinence aids like protective bedding to improve the comfort of someone with limited mobility.

Products for the Eyes and Ears

For those who have difficulty performing daily tasks due to poor vision or hearing, there is a variety of hearing assistance products that can be used to make life easier. You can purchase special telephones that make conversations easier when you're talking on the phone. Sound amplifiers make it easier to detect quiet sounds. Hearing aids that are fitted by a professional can benefit those with hearing loss, and you can find all of the batteries and accessories needed to care for them at Walgreens. Individuals who have difficulty reading fine print and seeing up close can purchase magnifiers or reading glasses to correct their vision and simplify many tasks.

Therapy Devises for Use at Home

Many people with illnesses and injuries benefit from continued therapies when they are recovering at home. If your doctor has recommended that you use hot or cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain following a surgery or injury, you can purchase many different types of devices and products to follow your physician's orders. Patches, wraps, pads and packs can be purchased to warm or cool specific parts of the body for hot and cold therapy. For some conditions, such as seasonal affective disorder, doctors may recommend the use of light therapy devices. You can find a number of lamps and lights to expose the body to light at home. Be sure to use hot and cold therapy and light therapy products as directed by your physician for best results.

Poor circulation can be caused by many different conditions from congestive heart failure to diabetes. If you or someone for whom you care is dealing with side effects of poor circulation, there are personal care aids that could be of assistance. Compression stockings and hosiery can help to reduce swelling of the feet and ankles and lessen the likelihood of blood clots. For those who suffer from slow healing due to reduced circulation or another health care concern, there are wound care products available. Be sure to ask your doctor for advice before using any of these home health care products.