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Hearing Aids & Assistance

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Hearing Assistance at Walgreens

Your ears and your ability to hear connect you with the world. Hearing loss often becomes more common with age and it can come on so gradually that you barely notice it. Hearing loss is usually caused by destruction of tiny hair cells in the inner ear that transmit sound. Unfortunately, once damaged, these cells can't repair themselves. However, the good news is that there is a variety of hearing devices available to help.

Hearing Assistance Devices

Personal sound amplifiers are a discrete way to better hear what's going on around you. These devices fit securely in your ear and amplify sounds. By amplifying sounds, they help you hear sounds and conversations you may be missing. In-ear amplifiers are small enough to be unnoticeable but they provide you with the additional noise amplification you need to hear more clearly in certain situations.

Personal sound amplifiers aren't hearing aids. They're used to magnify sound for people who aren't hearing impaired. For example, they can help you hear sounds that are low in volume or sounds at a distance. If you think you have hearing loss, see your doctor for an examination to make sure there's not a correctable cause. Something as simple as a large plug of wax in one of your ear canals can make it harder to hear.

If you have hearing loss, your doctor may recommend a hearing aid. If you have a hearing aid, take care of it and clean it using the proper supplies. Hearing aid cleaning kits have the tools you need to clean all parts of your hearing aid and keep it free of wax and debris. These kits work for all types of hearing aids. Best of all, keeping your hearing aid clean will help you avoid costly repairs.

Other Hearing Assistance Products

What could be more frustrating than talking on the phone and not hearing what the other person is saying? An amplified spirit phone makes sounds coming from the other end easier to hear and interpret. These stylish-looking phones have large buttons that are easy to see for those with sight impairments. You can insert photos, making it easy to see who you're calling when using one-touch dialing. It's a better way to connect with the world if your hearing is impaired.

If your hearing isn't what it used to be, you run the risk of not hearing the alarm clock in the morning. That's a problem! There are special clocks that wake you up using your choice of amplified tones that are easier to hear. You can adjust the pitch and volume to a maximum of 87 decibels. You can also choose to wake with flashing light or a vibrating pad. Choose which wake-up option works best for you so you don't oversleep anymore.

Take Care of Your Hearing

Avoid exposing your ears to loud noises. If you can't avoid it, wear earplugs or earmuffs. Have your hearing tested if you are having trouble hearing what people are saying. Take care of your hearing so you'll be more aware of what's going on around you.

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