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Eye Cream For Sensitive Eyes

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Eye Cream For Sensitive Eyes

The skin around your eyes is much thinner and more delicate than the tissue that covers the rest of your face, making it extra vulnerable to the effects of the environment. Eye creams can help to protect, nourish and hydrate fragile under eye skin, but if you have sensitive eyes, you must be careful about the products that you apply. At Walgreens, we have an assortment of eye creams that are extra gentle and a perfect fit for your skin care routine.

Caring for Extra Sensitive Eye Areas

Many people suffer from eye allergies and experience symptoms like redness and watering. Eye creams can sometimes trigger reactions in people with sensitive eyes due to the ingredients that they contain. For these individuals, the manufacturers of skin care products offer formulas developed specifically for those with sensitivities. These products may contain cosmeceutical ingredients that are 100 percent hypoallergenic or natural ingredients that may be less likely to cause reactions.

Varieties of Eye Creams

Most eye creams for sensitive eyes and skin are developed to address specific skin care concerns. Many products are anti-aging formulas. These products help to soften fine lines and wrinkles and may provide antioxidant protection to reduce damage that prompts the development of signs of aging. Other eye cream products are made to moisturize under eye skin that is dull and parched. You can also find eye creams that help to diminish dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Comparing Eye Cream Formulas

How do you choose the perfect eye cream to improve the health of your skin while protecting your eyes? You can start by evaluating your specific skin care needs and then focusing on the products that are designed to address them. Then, you can consider whether you prefer a natural or a cosmeceutical formula to add to your skin care regimen. If you know that you are sensitive to a specific ingredient, it is a good idea to check the product information just to be certain that the formula that you choose does not contain it. Lastly, you can compare the sizes of the packaging to determine how much of the cream you'll receive at once.

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