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Finger pulse oximeter

To measure your blood oxygen saturation level, you can use a non-invasive and compact finger pulse oximeter. These pulse oximeters can also display your pulse rate. Whether you need a finger pulse oximeter for yourself or someone you care for, choose one from brands such as John Bunn, OxyCheck and MedQuip that can offer easy-to-read and accurate results.

For reliable readings

Since they're comfortable to use, you can rely on finger pulse oximeters for multiple readings throughout the day. Many fingertip pulse oximeters have multi-directional displays that allow you to read the results from almost any angle. While most pulse oximeters are designed for use on your finger, there are also wrist pulse oximeters that may feature internal memory that stores your readings.

For your health

In addition to finger oximeters, you can find a range of products to help you care for your wellness here at Walgreens.com. If you have a pulmonary condition and are trying to stop smoking, you can find assistance in the form of lozenges, gum and patches. Do you use a pulse oximeter while exercising? Browse additional options to help you make the most of your workouts, such as fitness accessories, exercise equipment and sports nutrition.