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Flash Drives

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Flash Drives

Computers play an integral role in the lives of people around the world, which is why it's essential that you're able to easily access your files at the drop of a hat. For years, flash drives have been among the most popular forms of portable memory for computer users of all ages. With almost unbeatable storage functionality as well as features like portability and durability, you might find almost limitless uses for these handy products. You can find a wide selection of flash drives from top brands like PNY here at Walgreens.

Storage Functionality of Flash Drives

Now that the world has gone almost entirely digital, you probably have a number of important files stored on your computer--from pictures to music to documents. You'll have lots of different options for backing up and transporting all these precious bits and bytes, but flash drives are among the most trusted because they are so versatile. These small devices are based on solid-state memory, which means they don't have any spinning components that are more likely to malfunction. As a result, they provide a trustworthy means for protecting your essential data. In spite of their petite sizes, flash drives are usually equipped with plenty of storage (often ranging from 4GB and 16GB up to 64GB depending on the specific model). The products traditionally use USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 to communicate with computers, which allows them to transmit data quickly and ensures almost universal compatibility. They are available in black as well as different colors.

Portable, Durable Memory

In addition to being versatile, flash drives are convenient because they are both portable and durable. Rarely longer than a couple inches, these drives can easily be thrown in your purse or attached to your keychain. Their construction features heavy-duty plastic and metal parts that won't be damaged through regular use and can stand up to light wear and tear. If you have files that you need to access on the go (for instance, a paper that you want to print at the computer lab), all you have to do is transfer them from your personal computer to the flash drive. Next, plug the flash drive into any computer with a USB port to pull up your data practically anywhere.

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