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The right purse can change the way an outfit looks. Purses come in multiple colors and materials, and you can even find small accessories designed for tucking inside your bag. When shopping for a handbag, you should choose between a decorative bag and a functional bag.

Choosing a handbag

A decorative bag looks like an ordinary handbag, but you typically do not use it as a purse. You might find a decorative tin shaped like a purse with cartoon characters on the front. Tin bags are too small for use as a normal purse. Functional purses are bags that you can actually carry around with you. These bags come in several different sizes, and the purses have extra pockets for storing makeup and other items. You can even find bags that store a specific type of item, such as an umbrella purse that wraps around the outside of your umbrella.

Purse accessories

Purse accessories include any items in a smaller size designed for slipping inside your handbag. One example is a small pack of cotton swabs that you can carry inside your purse. You can also find first aid kits, emery boards and lotions that will not take up too much space in your bag. If you carry aspirin, pain relievers or prescription medication with you, look for a pill case. The pill case is large enough to carry a handful of pills, but it is small enough that it fits inside all of your purses.

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