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Flossing and caring for your gums is just as important as daily toothbrushing. Help make cleaning between your teeth easier, more convenient or more comfortable with flossers. Choose between power flossers that come with mint-flavored replacement heads or water flossers that utilize water pressure to clean your mouth. There are even floss picks that are ideal for travel and quick cleaning on the go. Flossers from brands Waterpik, Plackers, Reach and more are here at

Options for flossing

You can also keep your home, car or purse stocked with your choice of string floss. Waxed dental floss can glide smoothly between the teeth, and some are made to resist tearing. If you have sensitive gums, choose a woven floss that can make flossing more comfortable. You can also choose a mint floss to help make your mouth feel extra fresh and clean.

Overall oral hygiene

Keep your teeth clean and your mouth fresh with our large selection of oral care products. Find toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrushes, as well as power toothbrushes and replacement heads. For convenient, on-the-go care, try toothpicks. We also carry dental floss & tape, dental appliances and dental picks & brushes.

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