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French Manicure Kits

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French manicure kits

Achieve a salon look at home using French manicure kits. Everything you need for a French manicure is included in these kits. Find the shade of pink you prefer and decide whether you want to brush on your manicure or use a French manicure pen. Here at, French manicure kits are available from Sally Hansenand Kiss.

Pretty perfection

Choose a French manicure kit that includes guides to help you achieve a result that looks like what you would get in the salon. You can choose the shade of pink that looks best with your complexion and decide whether you want a regular top coat or one that has strengthening qualities. Some kits for French manicures also include guides for both manicures and pedicures.

Nice nails

Keep your nails trimmed and smooth with nail clippers, cuticle scissors, nail buffers and emery boards. There are manicure tool kits and pedicure kits and tools for your personal care needs. You can also find a wide range of nail polish colors and nail accessories to design and dress your nails with your individual flair.

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