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French Nails

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French nails

French nails provide a look that doubles as both casual and upscale. For this reason, French manicures are a highly desirable look. The look mimics the natural design of your fingernails, but it polishes out any imperfections to make your nails look flawless. There are many ways to get this look without ever stepping inside a nail salon.

Artificial nails benefits

Fake nails can come in glue-on or press-on styles. Applying French nails with glue will help them stick on your nails longer and provide a more realistic look. You can also use your fingers like normal, and you do not have to worry about the nails falling off easily. Press-on nails require more delicate use, and they can pop off easily. However, they work well for short-term manicure solution.

Variations on traditional French nails

Although most people think of pink fingernails with white tips as the traditional French nail look, you can find variations on this look. Tips can come in any color, from purple to red to black. You can wear these variations on a daily basis or for special occasions. If you have long, healthy nails naturally, you may want to opt for other options besides full sets of French nails. Nail color pens allow you to easily apply a white tip to your real fingernails, providing an easy way to get the French manicure look without a fuss.

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