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Fruit Basket

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Fruit basket

A fruit basket serves as a healthy way to treat someone special in your life. The basket usually contains a mixture of fresh fruits, nuts and a few other ingredients.

Choosing food gifts

Choosing food gifts is sometimes a difficult task because you are not sure what you need. One of the first things you should look for when buying a fruit basket is the size of the basket. Most creators of food baskets use sizes such as small, medium, large, extra large or jumbo. In most cases, the size of the basket indicates the amount of food inside the basket. You should also look at the number of foods added to the basket. Even though the baskets usually have only fruit, you might find baskets that mix fruit with other treats. You can also find fruit baskets that add wine or cheese to the basket.

Other food ideas

If you want to give someone a food basket without spending a lot of money, consider making your own fruit basket or food basket. Start with a simple basket that you line with tissue paper or crumbled paper. Add a mixture of fresh fruits, including apples, oranges and pineapple to the basket. If the basket still looks sparse or bare, add a few extra food items. Candy bars make the fruit basket suitable for those with a sweet tooth, while salted nuts function well for those who like salty snacks. You can even customize a fruit basket for someone who loves a specific type of fruit such as a berry lover.

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