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Gauze Rolls

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Gauze Rolls

Scrapes, cuts, minor burns and other injuries can happen when you least expect it, making it important to be prepared in order to care for yourself and your family. Having a first aid kit filled with essential supplies can give you peace of mind and help ensure that you can respond to those unexpected minor wounds at home. At Walgreens, we can help you stock up on all of the necessary supplies with a wide selection of first aid products, including gauze rolls.

What Is Sterile Gauze?

Sterile gauze is a thin, absorbent fabric that has been manufactured and packaged under special conditions to ensure that it is free of germs. When an injury occurs, gauze can be used to help minimize bleeding and provide a protective covering for the wounded area. The unique weave of gauze allows air to penetrate its surface, so that wounds receive the oxygen that they need to heal properly. You can find sterile gauze in many forms. Gauze rolls are often preferred by people due to their versatility. In roll form, gauze can easily be wrapped around an injured area. You can also tear off a long piece of gauze and then fold it to place directly on top of an injury. Oftentimes, people choose to purchase first aid tape along with gauze. The tape is used to hold a gauze bandage in place.

Understanding Gauze Roll Sizes

When shopping for gauze rolls, it's important to pay attention to the size. The product titles and descriptions of gauze rolls will typically provide two measurements. The first is generally measured in inches and tells you how wide the gauze is. Narrower pieces are ideal for bandaging small parts of the body like a hurt finger or small wounds like a minor scrape. Wider pieces can be used to cover larger wounds or to bandage larger areas of the body. The second measurement provided in product names and descriptions will usually be given in yards. This number tells you how long the gauze roll is from end to end when it's fully unwound.

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