Goody barrettes

Keep your hair up and in place with fashionable Goody barrettes. There are several styles of Goody barrettes to choose from, including straight metal barrettes or flexible plastic barrettes. Find the color or pattern you prefer and the design that will work best with your hair, whether it's thick or thin.

Simple to sophisticated

You can choose simple Goody barrettes that are practical, functional and match your outfit. There are also barrettes that are in specific shapes, such as stars, and made from a heavier metal so they work for more sophisticated occasions. Traditional barrettes hold up a section of your hair and there are also Goody barrettes that can be used to sweep up all of your hair in an updo.

Goody hairstyling products

We carry a number of Goody hairstyling products here at In addition to barrettes, you'll find ponytail holders in a range of colors. There are hair clips in bright colors and neutral colors depending on your outfit or your mood. Choose from a range of thicknesses, materials and colors of Goody hairbands to keep your hair away from your face. You can also find jaw clips and brushes to manage your hair.