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Goody hair clips

Goody hair clips are hair accessories that are available in a wide range of styles and colors. These accessories are used to add an element of personality to your hairstyle for any type of event. Walgreens.com carries a wide variety of Goody hair accessories like barrettes and bobby pins.

Snap clips in every style

Snap clips are a common style of Goody hair clips. These hair accessories come in a wide range of sizes and colors, so you can opt for a different clip for every outfit you wear. Choose solid colors for more versatility, or opt for patterned hair clips that match each specific outfit you wear.

Goody claw clips

Another style of Goody hair clips is the claw clip. These hairstyle accessories also come in different sizes and colors. Large jaw clips are used for people with thick hair while the small hair clips are ideal for small sections of hair. There are also sizes in between the large and small variations, which allow you to use your creativity when creating a hairstyle. Use multiple sizes and shapes for an eclectic hairstyle.

Pony clips options for long hair

Boost up your ponytail with a pony clip. These types of hair accessories provide you with the option of wearing a ponytail without sacrificing your overall style and appearance. This hair clip can make a basic ponytail look elegant enough to wear at any special event.