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Heavy Flow Maxi Pads

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Heavy flow maxi pads

If you need reliable protection for your heaviest period days, choose heavy flow maxi pads. Since these maxi pads are designed to trap and absorb moisture, they can help keep you worry-free and dry for hours. Your options include maxi pads without wings and those with them, and scented or unscented maxi pads. Brands Kotex and Always offer heavy flow maxi pads here at

Stop worrying about leaks

Heavy flow maxi pads include features specially designed to keep you dry and fresh even on heavy days. Most include a core that absorbs quickly, strong adhesive to keep the pad in place, and shapes that can work with your body to prevent leaks. There are heavy flow overnight maxi pads that can include extra side protection that can hold up for hours. Thin maxi pads for heavy flow can be flexible, comfortable and just as reliable.

Protection for different days

From light to heavy days, there are feminine pads, tampons and pantiliners to help protect you throughout your period. Our selection of feminine care products offer varying levels of protection, and come in different sizes and scented and unscented options. We also carry PMS pain relievers and hot packs to help alleviate cramps. For your other feminine health needs you'll find feminine freshness washes, feminine wipes and yeast infection treatments.

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