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High Blood Pressure Monitors

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High blood pressure monitors

If you have hypertension, checking your blood pressure at home can help you manage your heart health. High blood pressure monitors come in different varieties with various features to help you find one that works for you. Manual blood pressure monitors come with bulbs to inflate the cuff and stethoscopes for accurate readings. Automatic digital blood pressure monitors inflate on their own and have easy-to-read digital displays. High blood pressure monitors from brands Zewa, LifeSource, Veridian Healthcare and others are here at

Selecting a monitor

High blood pressure monitors can be used on either your wrist or upper arm. It's important for accuracy that you use a blood pressure cuff that fits your arm correctly. Wrist blood pressure monitors can be more comfortable to use and are typically compact. Upper arm blood pressure monitors can also be semi automatic, which means they have a digital display but inflate manually.

Medical supplies for home health care

For managing your hypertension, you can also find vitamins and health supplements. Some stress relief products are designed to help you keep your blood pressure in a healthy range. Other home medical supplies are also here, including patient care, medical nutrition and aids to daily living which include light therapy, hearing assistance and braces and supports.

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