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Whether you're pointing out certain areas of text for other readers or helping yourself study, highlighters are the ideal tool for the job. Their light ink doesn't overshadow print, but draws attention to important facts. And highlighters aren't just the classic yellow that may come to mind. Choose different colors from Sharpie, Paper Mate and Bic for your tastes or to classify information visually.

Fluorescent colors

Here at, most highlighter markers come in packages with multiple colors. All you have to do is choose the size and brand that you prefer. Some also have different types of ink. Of course, you can go with classic yellow highlighters.

Other types of markers

In addition to highlighters, we carry many other colors and types of markers. There are dry erase markers in an assortment of shades that wipe off of dry erase boards easily. Chisel tip markers can make either thin or broad lines, and are available in permanent, dry erase and highlighting varieties. If you're looking for other school supplies, you'll also find pens, pencils, backpacks and more.

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