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Iron Man 2 Costume

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Iron Man 2 Costume

In 2010, Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures released the second installment in the Iron Man series, allowing fans to follow the adventures of Tony Stark as he faced off against the evil scientist Ivan Vanko. The film Iron Man 2 has gone on to become a favorite of many fans of the Marvel superhero universe. Adults and kids who love Iron Man 2 can get into the action of the movie with their very own officially licensed Iron Man 2 costumes from Walgreens.

The Iron Man 2 Suit

The suit designed by Tony Stark in Iron Man 2 has a distinctive look that super fans of the movies can easily recognize. The design includes red body armor that covers the chest and abdomen and two-tone red and gold armor for the arms, legs and helmet. Both the palms of the gloves and a triangular panel on the chest plate of the Iron Man 2 suit could light up.

Officially Licensed Costumes

Fans of all ages who want to look as much like the superhero from their favorite film as possible can choose officially licensed Iron Man 2 costumes. These products are offered by manufacturers who have special permission to create highly detailed replicas of the suit featured in the movie. Some of these costumes even include battery-operated mechanisms that light up, adding to their authenticity. The number and types of pieces included in a set varies from costume to costume. Reading the product descriptions will help you determine just what you'll get from any particular Iron Man 2 costume. In addition to full body costumes, you can find wigs and facial hair kits that can be worn underneath the Iron Man helmet to make an adult or child look more like Tony Stark.

Finding the Right Fit

When you're shopping for Iron Man 2 costumes, you want to find something that will fit comfortably. Many costumes for adults and kids are sized, while others are one size fits all. The product description pages provide detailed information about sizing. Costumes that are not one size fits all typically provide a sizing chart to assist you with finding the right fit.

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