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Iron supplements

Many people take iron supplements to treat iron-deficiency anemia or to raise blood levels of this important nutrient. carries a wide variety of iron supplements, so you should check with your doctor to see which one is right for you. You can find iron supplements from brands like Nature Made and Natrol.

Taking iron tablets

Iron tablets come in a few different strengths and styles. Some iron supplements operate on a time-release basis, so you receive a steady dose throughout the day. This can be especially useful for individuals who experience nausea or other problems after taking high-potency iron supplements. Most iron supplements come in tablet form, but you can also get liquid iron supplements if you have trouble swallowing a tablet or pill. Iron should only be taken under the advice of a doctor because it is possible to take too much and damage your health. You should avoid taking iron with dairy products or calcium supplements because calcium can interfere with the absorption of iron.

Daily supplements and multivitamins

Instead of taking a separate iron supplement, some people prefer to take a multivitamin with iron. Children who need iron supplementation are typically given a children's multivitamin with iron to reduce the risk of overdose and ensure adequate intake of other nutrients. Children's multivitamins generally come in assorted fruit flavors to make them more palatable for kids. Many people opt to take vitamin C along with their iron supplements because this vitamin can boost the absorption of iron.