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Lip Protection

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Lip protectant

Keep your lips soft and smooth with lip protectant. There are lip treatments with sunscreen and some that include analgesics to relieve discomfort from chapping. Other lip protectants include ingredients for deep hydration and a glossy shine. There are also flavored lip balms for a fun taste. Find a lip balm from brands such as Chapstick or Blistex for healthy lips.

Caring for your lips

You can choose whether you want lip protectant in stick, liquid or solid form. There are lip treatments for medical concerns such as cold sores or fever blisters as well as overnight lip protectors to nourish your skin while you rest. There are also lip protectants for men that are unflavored but include SPF protection.

Lip makeup

When your lips are healthy, show them off with a little lip color. Choose between lip gloss, lip stain and lipstick to color your lips with bold or subtle shades. Pick a glossy or matte lipstick, long-lasting lip gloss or a color that hydrates. Don't forget lip liner to keep your color from feathering. Lip plumpers can add volume for even more attention.

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