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Masking Tape

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Masking tape

Keep one of the most popular household tapes on hand for practical uses and quick fixes. Versatile masking tape can be used for a number of applications including minor repairs and securing packages for shipping. This tape comes in different widths and lengths and you can even purchase one roll that comes with a dispenser. We carry a variety of 3M office and household tapes here at

Tapes and adhesives

In addition to masking tape, you'll also find clear packaging tape and duct tape to help with projects in need of sturdier adhesives. Transparent tape is perfect for gift wrapping or school or art projects. We also carry invisible tape for more subtle uses as well as athletic tape and medical tapes for first-aid or wound dressings.

Office and school supplies

Our selection of general school and office supplies ranges from pens, pencils and notebook paper to highlighters, poster board and desktop accessories. Keep your notes organized in a 3 ring binder with pockets and store everything you need for school in your backpack. If you're looking for more office supplies, we carry correction fluid, labels and items to help with your filing needs.

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