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Maybelline Brushes

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Maybelline brushes

Apply your makeup with Maybelline brushes for an expert look. There are brushes for blush, foundation powders and eye shadow to apply and blend. There's also a Maybelline Brush N' Comb to shape and groom eyebrows and eyelashes. Shop for Maybelline brushes to help you apply your Maybelline cosmetics.

Find the necessary tools

Maybelline Expert Tools brushes are made with natural fibers. You can use wider brushes to shade and highlight blush or bronzer on your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. The angled Maybelline makeup brush is easy to control during application of eye shadow or eye liner. The brush and comb combination cosmetics brush is a handy tool that can help you groom your eyebrows and eyelashes. Use the brush side to tame your brows and the comb to separate your lashes after mascara has been applied.

Maybelline cosmetics

Once you have your makeup toolkit set, you can shop for your Maybelline cosmetics. Create a flawless face first by using concealer and foundation to even and smooth your skin tone. For captivating eyes, apply eye shadow and eye liner in flattering colors. Top them off with washable or waterproof mascara that adds volume or lengthens. Use blush or bronzers to add a rosy or sun-kissed effect to your face. Finish your look with a lipstick, lip stain or lip gloss.

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