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Mederma has created a line of creams and gels that help heal your skin and protect it from damage. All of Mederma's products are for external use only and should be kept at room temperature. Mederma creates its products spefically to erase skin imperfections that other skin products just can't affect.

Scar gel and cream

Mederma has developed a line of products for individuals with scars. The scar cream contains a sunscreen to help protect your skin from the sun's rays. This cream offers SPF 30 protection when applied as directed and is also formulated to reduce the appearance of many different types of scars. Even though this scar cream is powerful, it is designed to be gentle enough for use on delicate and sensitive skin. Mederma also makes a scar gel to help reduce the appearance of scars by softening the scar tissue and making the texture smoother. You can use this scar gel on older scars or on newer scars. As soon as your wound is completely healed, you can begin to use the product. These scar gels can take from several weeks to several months to produce optimal results. If you have questions about the safety of these gels for your scars, you can ask your doctor or dermatologist.

Stretch mark cream

Mederma manufactures a stretch mark cream that is designed to improve the appearance of your skin by smoothing your skin's texture and reducing any discoloration. In order to get the best results from the cream, use it as directed on the packaging and be patient. It may take several weeks to see results from the Mederma stretch mark cream.

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