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Many men and women don't get enough fiber in their diet. Metamucil supplies this important nutrient in the form of capsules, powders and tasty snacks. Metamucil is used by individuals with colon issues or other digestive problems, as well as people who just need to add more fiber to their daily diet.

Constipation relief products with fiber

If you suffer from constipation, whether you have a chronic condition or occasional bouts where using the bathroom is difficult, products with fiber like Metamucil might help. There are two different types of fiber. Insoluble fiber is often found in fruit skins, vegetables and whole wheat cereals. This type of fiber promotes good digestive help and keeps things running smoothly in your body. Soluble fiber has been shown to help lower high cholesterol levels and can be found in fruits and beans. Soluble fiber also regulates the amount of sugar in your body, making it an important dietary staple for people with diabetes or metabolic issues.

Other sources of fiber

If you don't want to use dietary supplements such as Metamucil, has many other options that you can explore. There are several different granola and snack bars available with fiber. These snack bars are often drizzled in chocolate and are a sweet treat that adults of all ages can enjoy. If you prefer to drink your nutrients, try some of the different juice drinks that are enriched with fiber.

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