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Mitchum Antiperspirant

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Mitchum antiperspirant

Mitchum antiperspirant provides powerful protection against underarm perspiration and the wetness and odor that perspiration causes. Mitchum antiperspirant roll-ons and solid sticks are available for shipment right to you.

Women's antiperspirant from Mitchum

Mitchum antiperspirant is available in special formats and varieties for women. They include the protection that Mitchum has always been known for along with gentle scents that women prefer. Roll-on antiperspirants from Mitchum that are made especially for women combine a powder-fresh scent with Mitchum's bacteria-fighting Odorguard technology and antiperspirant action to keep you feeling fresh all day. The same formula for women is available in a convenient gel stick format. This easy-to-use antiperspirant stick contains a gel that dries fast and does not stain clothing. The Mitchum antiperspirant gel stick for women is available in three feminine scents as well as an unscented version. Mitchum Advanced Control formula for women is an enhanced formula invisible solid stick antiperspirant that includes moisturizing ingredients and fights wetness for up to 48 hours. Women can also enjoy the benefits of the Mitchum SmartSolid Clinical Performance stick in a version that is made especially for them.

Antiperspirant for the whole family

Mitchum antiperspirant is available as a scented or unscented roll-on deodorant and antiperspirant as well as in gel stick form with a variety of fresh scents. Invisible antiperspirant formulas for everyone include regular as well as Advanced Control and Clinical Performance sticks. Advanced Control invisible solid from Mitchum antiperspirant is available in a choice of refreshing fragrances.

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