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Moisturizing Eye Drops

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Moisturizing Eye Drops

Your eyes are responsible for helping you take in the world around you and complete every task of your day. When your eyes aren't feeling their best, your entire day can be affected due to discomfort and changes in vision. Promoting proper eye health is important to your overall well-being, making it important that you have solutions on hand for those times when eye problems strike. Walgreens has a selection of moisturizing eye drops to help keep your eyes properly lubricated and to address various eye problems.

Drops for Dry Eyes

A large number of the moisturizing eye drops available here at Walgreens are formulated specifically for dry eyes. Many people suffer from chronic dryness of the eyes because their bodies do not produce enough tears to supply adequate moisture, or their tears are not properly formed. While there are many possible causes of dry eyes, oftentimes the recommended treatment for the condition is the same. Eye doctors often suggest that people who suffer from dry eye symptoms like burning, blurred vision and redness use artificial tears throughout the day. These eye drops supplement the natural supply of tears, adding a lubricant to reduce discomfort and provide protection for the eye tissue.

Eye Drops for Contact Lens Care

Contact lenses provide vision correction without the need for prescription eyeglasses, making them an ideal eye care solution for many people. If you wear contact lenses, taking steps to keep your eyes in good health is of the utmost importance, as the lenses can pose a risk for irritation. Rewetting drops are moisturizing eye drops that are used to keep soft and hard contacts moist throughout the day. This can help to relieve soreness and redness due to contact lens wear. It can also help promote clearer vision. The drops can be used while contact lenses are still in place, making them a convenient lubrication solution.

Eye Drops for Allergy Relief

Many people suffer from itchy or red eyes caused by allergies. Symptoms of eye allergies can be triggered by many different substances from pollen in the air to cigarette smoke to dust to dander from pets. When the eyes are exposed to an allergen, the immune system responds by releasing chemicals that cause inflammation. Redness, itching and watering of the eyes are signs of this immune system response and can often be relieved with allergy relief moisturizing eye drops. These products contain over-the-counter medications that interfere with the actions of immune system chemicals as well as moisturizing agents to soothe discomfort.

Comparing Eye Drop Options

After you have decided whether artificial tears, rewetting drops or allergy relief drops are the ideal choice for your needs, you're ready to start comparing specific moisturizing eye drops. If you're not certain which type is best, your doctor can provide you with advice. Your eye doctor might recommend that you use a certain brand or choose a formula with a particular active ingredient. He or she may also suggest that you use a preservative-free moisturizing eye drop if there is concern that you might be sensitive to the preservatives used to prolong the shelf life of traditional eye drops.

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