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Mucinex products are designed to help relieve a variety of cold and flu symptoms. For best results, look for the product that is designed for your particular combination of symptoms. These cough suppressants and expectorants come in tablet and liquid form.

Expectorants and cough suppressants

Expectorants help relieve chest congestion by making your coughs more productive. For long-lasting relief, Mucinex makes extended-release tablets designed to work for 12 hours. If your cough is keeping you up at night, a cough suppressant can help you sleep comfortably by reducing your need to cough. If you need fast relief from these symptoms, you can try a Mucinex liquid cold medicine. The liquids bring fast relief for your symptoms and also contain a pain reliever and fever reducer. Mucinex has a special line of cold and flu medicine for children. The children's cold medicine comes as either a fruit-flavored liquid or as fruit- or bubble gum-flavored granules.

Nasal decongestants

Mucinex makes several different types of nasal decongestants. All of these cold and sinus medications are designed to relieve nasal congestion so that you can easily breathe through your nose. If nasal congestion is your only symptom, look for a product that is intended solely for this purpose. However, if you have a wide variety of symptoms along with your nasal congestion, look for one of Mucinex's multipurpose tablets or liquids that include a nasal decongestant.

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