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Mucinex Chest Expectorants

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Mucinex chest expectorants

Relieve coughing and congestion with Mucinex chest expectorants. Available in both liquid and tablet form, Mucinex expectorants can help you feel better faster. Choose the Mucinex cold remedy that treats your specific symptoms.

Long-lasting relief

There are extended release formulas of Mucinex chest expectorants that promise relief for 12 hours at a time. Some chest expectorants treat both congestion and cough, while others include a nasal decongestant. Mucinex expectorant liquids may act faster than tablets to alleviate your symptoms.

More Mucinex solutions

Other Mucinex cold remedies include multi-symptom treatments to make it easier to relieve several symptoms with one medicine. There are Mucinex cold, flu and sore throat liquid, cold and sinus liquid, and a nasal decongestant spray. If your kids are fighting a cold, try a Mucinex for Kids expectorant, cold liquid, cold and fever liquid or cough liquid.

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