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Mucinex Cold Remedies

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Mucinex cold remedies

Relieve symptoms of the common cold with Mucinex cold remedies. Mucinex offers a number of products to help clear congestion, subdue coughs and clear sinuses. Look for the Mucinex cold remedy that treats your specific symptoms to feel better faster.

Targeted treatment

Mucinex expectorant tablets are available in a 12-hour extended release formula in different strengths. Mucinex DM Expectorant and Cough Suppressant works to loosen mucus and control your cough. Other Mucinex cold remedies include a cold, flu and sore throat liquid, cold and sinus liquid, a nasal decongestant spray and expectorant and nasal decongestant.

Children's cold relief

If you're looking for kids' cold medicine products, we have several Mucinex for Kids cold remedies here at There are Mucinex for Kids expectorants, cold liquid, cold and fever liquid and cough liquid. You can also find multiple brands of children's multivitamins and supplements to help boost a child's immune system and that provide essential vitamins and minerals. Monitor for fever with digital thermometers that provide results in seconds.

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