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Nail scissors

Keep your nails and cuticles trimmed and neat with nail scissors. There are beauty scissors specifically for fingernails and some that are for cuticles. You can even find a combination nail scissors that will trim both cuticles and fingernails. Try scissors for fingernails from Revlon or Sally Hansen available here at Walgreens.com.

Simply shape

You can trim your nails into the shape you desire easily with nail scissors. You may find it easiest to trim your nails when they are wet for a smoother edge. Cuticle scissors usually have a fine tip for a more precise trim. Find a pair of cuticle nippers or fingernail scissors with comfortable grips and sturdy construction for long-lasting reliability.

Nail care

We carry other implements and tools to take care of your fingernails and toenails. Nail clippers are an alternative to using nail scissors to trim your nails. There are nail buffers, files and nail strenthener treatments to keep your nails strong and healthy-looking. Pedicure kits and manicure kits include what you need for at-home salon treatments. We also carry an array of nail colors and nail art products to use to decorate your nails.