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Natural bath salts

You can transform bath time with the potentially therapeutic benefits of natural bath salts. To help achieve specific results, bath salts and bath oils can include ingredients such as minerals for skin health and essential oils for relaxation. Even if you need help getting energized and ready for the day, there are natural bath salts that can help. Natural bath salts and oils from brands Village Naturals, One and more are right here at Walgreens.com.

Washes, cleansers and gels

Get what you may need to cleanse and refresh with the soaps, skin treatments and body washes here. Choose a bar soap that can deeply cleanse or a moisturizing body wash for dry skin. You can also help keep your hair healthy with shampoos and conditioners for many hair types, including relaxed, curly or color-treated. For smooth, soft skin, select a shaving cream and razor you can use in the shower or bath.

Create a spa-like setting

For added relaxation or pain relief, browse our wide assortment of home spa products. You'll find foot massagers, pedicure implements, manicure sets and more. If you need help falling or staying asleep, there are also aromatherapy oils that can relax and other sleep aids here. To go strong all day, there are essential oils that can energize and inspire.