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Neck Supports

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Neck supports

Having the aid of neck supports can help relieve as well as prevent discomfort. You can choose between different neck support pillows for travel, sleep or relaxation. There are also neck supports that can be heated or frozen to help relieve pain and take the stress off of your neck. Here at, you'll find neck pillows from brands IMAK, Essential Medical Supply and World's Best.

Stability and comfort

U-shaped neck supports can help take pressure off of your neck while traveling or relaxing in an upright position. There are also memory foam pillows for side sleepers that can help to reduce morning neck pain. You can even find help to avoid straining your neck during exercise. Other pillows can massage for comforting pain relief.

For your comfort and health

In the aids to daily living section of our home medical department, you'll find more braces and supports for other areas of the body. We carry other types of neck support, including cervical collars. There is a variety of options for help with sleep disorders as well as patient aids and more.

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