Nighttime Pain Relievers

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Nighttime Pain Relievers

One of the worst times to have pain is at night when you're trying to fall asleep. Walgreens carries a full line of nighttime pain relievers. These products are made to relieve minor aches and pains due to muscle aches and strains, menstrual discomfort and other causes. At the same time, they may help you get the rest you need to feel refreshed the next day. Whether you overdid it at the gym, strained your back or have a baby with teething pain, we carry many pain relief products in non-prescription form.

What's In Nighttime Pain Relievers?

One of the most commonly recommended pain relievers by doctors is ibuprofen. Ibuprofen, available in lower strengths as a non-prescription medication, helps control pain by reducing inflammation. Inflammation is the underlying cause of many sources of pain. Some nighttime pain relievers combine ibuprofen with another ingredient called an antihistamine. One characteristic of antihistamines is they can cause drowsiness. That can be helpful when you're trying to fall asleep. Nighttime pain relievers that combine these ingredients can help control pain while helping you rest more peacefully. These products can also be helpful for relieving muscle aches and fever.

What to Take for Menstrual Cramps

A common source of pain and discomfort for young women is menstrual cramps. Available are special formulations that help relieve menstrual discomfort and promote sleep. These medications commonly combine a pain-relieving medication like acetaminophen with an antihistamine. These products are formulated to give hours of pain relief so you can enjoy a better night's sleep during "that time of the month." Acetaminophen is a trusted product used by hospitals and frequently recommended by doctors to relieve mild to moderate pain.

What Can I Give My Baby for Teething?

A common source of discomfort in babies is teething pain, something that all babies go through. Some parents use topical gels to help temporarily ease their baby's gum soreness as new teeth come in. Teething gels often contain a topical anesthetic that helps numb the sore, inflamed area and may temporarily reduce pain. Teething gels are typically made for babies four months of age and older but it is important to read the label and directions carefully before giving these products to your little one. There are some questions about how effective and safe these products are so always consult your pediatrician before using them.

Are Nighttime Pain Relievers Safe?

Before using a non-prescription product for pain relief, talk to your doctor first. Pain can be a sign of a more serious health issue. Plus, the ingredients in some nighttime pain relief products may not be suitable for you if you have a medical condition or are taking other medications. Your doctor can give you guidance as to which products are right for you.