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Oil Free Hypoallergenic Foundation

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Oil Free Hypoallergenic Foundation

Foundation can give your skin a flawless finish, disguising imperfections and evening out your skin tone to make your complexion look more youthful and radiant. While cosmetics can accentuate your natural beauty, it's important that you choose formulas that are ideal for your skin type in order to avoid unwanted side effects that can occur from wearing makeup. At Walgreens, we can help you get the ideal foundation formula for your skin with a selection of oil free hypoallergenic options.

Is Oil Free Foundation Good for Acne?

Many liquid foundation products contain oils, which help to give their formulas their easy-to-apply consistency. While these oils can help to ensure the quality of the foundation, they can cause problems for individuals with certain skin types. This is particularly true for women who have naturally oily skin or combination skin that is oily along the forehead, nose or chin. The oils found in ordinary foundations can increase the oiliness of the skin, increasing the risk for clogged pores that can become acne blemishes, enlarged pores and blackheads. Dermatologists frequently recommend oil free formulas for anyone with an oily or combination complexion, especially for those who are struggling to control acne.

Why Use a Hypoallergenic Formula?

Many women suffer from sensitive skin that can be easily irritated. For these individuals, ingredients in cosmetics that are otherwise safe for other people can give rise to rashes, redness, itching and dryness. Ingredients like artificial fragrances, chemical dyes and preservatives are among the most common allergens or irritating ingredients in foundations. To meet the needs of women who cannot tolerate these types of ingredients, the manufacturers of cosmetics offer hypoallergenic foundation products. Hypoallergenic products do not contain common allergens, and most are rigorously tested to ensure that they are gentle to the skin.

Comparing Foundation Products

If you have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts or excessive oil production, oil free hypoallergenic foundation could be the ideal choice for perfecting your complexion. You can find a wide selection of options available that don't contain oil or allergens to suit the needs of your skin. To find the right solution for your needs, you can begin by comparing the ingredients and features of the formulas. Some foundations are enriched with ingredients that provide skin care benefits beyond simply disguising flaws. These formulas may help to balance oil production, unclog the pores or address blemishes and breakouts. These types of products can help you improve the health of your skin while giving you all of the benefits of a high quality foundation.

How to Find the Right Foundation Shade

In order for your makeup to look as natural as possible, you need to select a product that matches your skin tone. Women with a fair to medium skin tone should match the color of their foundations to their complexions, while women with dark skin should choose shades that match their necks for best results. Each brand has its own selection of shades, so you may want to look at the options available for each product before making your final decision.

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