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Opti-Free lens solutions

Help care for your vision needs with Opti-Free solutions and more from Alcon. This line of vision care products here at Walgreens.com includes many options for keeping your contact lenses clean, moist and comfortable throughout the day. Some contact solutions from Opti-Free can even help to prevent redness and irritation. Opti-Free vision care for contact lens wearers can help you see more clearly and comfortably.

Cleaning and caring for your lenses

Choose an multi-purpose solution that can be used for cleaning, disinfecting and storing your lenses. Opti-Free's contact lens cleaners include a disinfecting solution and daily protein remover for daily upkeep. For extra hydration throughout the day, choose Opti-Free rewetting drops. These drops work with your contact lenses to surround them in moisture and make them more comfortable to wear.

Find your favorites from Opti-Free

Whether you use Opti-Free Express or Opti-Free Replenish these no-rub solutions for soft contact lenses are available here. Opti-Free SupraClens is also here for soft and gas permeable lenses. These multi-purpose contact lens solutions can help save you time and effort while offering results. Opti-Free express solutions can clean, disinfect and hydrate your contact lenses as they soak overnight.