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Opti Free Replenish

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Opti-Free Replenish

Opti-Free Replenish products for contact lens care are recommended by eye care experts because they keep your contacts safe and comfortable to wear. We have a full selection of Opti-Free Replenish products ready for shipment right to your doorstep. The Opti-Free Replenish eye care line includes several types of contact solutions and rewetting drops.

Replenish from Alcon Opti-Free products

Opti-Free's contact lens disinfecting contact solution is available in three convenient sizes as well as in a money-saving twin-pack. You can keep a small container with you wherever you go, and make sure you always have a larger container at home. Opti-Free Replenish disinfecting solution contains the most effective contact lens cleaning agents, along with the exclusive Tearglyde reconditioning system that keeps your soft contact lenses comfortable to wear all day. Use it daily to remove protein deposits and to disinfect your lenses. Opti-Free Replenish rewetting solution is perfect to use during the day to prevent irritation and blurry vision that can result if your contact lenses become too dry. It removes small particles that can get into your lenses, and you can use it daily to prevent protein from building up on your lenses. Opti-Free Replenish rewetting drops can be used with gas permeable contact lenses as well as soft contacts.

Using Opti-Free Replenish products

Disinfect your contacts with Opti-Free Replenish disinfecting solution by first rinsing them with the solution for five seconds and then storing them in your solution-filled contact lens case overnight. You can use Opti-Free Replenish rewetting drops whenever you feel discomfort, or you can use them four times a day to prevent protein buildup. Just put two to four drops in each eye and blink after applying the eye drops.

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