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Organic Soaps

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Organic soaps

Be kind to your skin and use organic soaps made up of organic, natural ingredients which do not contain harsh chemicals that can cause dryness or affect the balance of your natural skin oils. We have a wide selection of organic soaps for all skin types; including liquid as well as bar soaps.

Choosing the right natural soap

Choose your organic soap based on your skin type. If you have oily skin, select organic soaps that contain natural and herbal ingredients to remove excess oil without causing dryness. We recommend effective, yet gentle, organic facial cleanser and body scrub that removes excess oil and dead skin, allowing your skin to breathe so that you look and feel refreshed. For dry skin, use Organic soaps made with oatmeal, cocoa butter and shea butter to naturally moisturize away dryness caused by exposure to sunlight, harsh weather conditions or overuse of chemical cleaners. Try one of our more exotic organic soaps, like goat's milk soap or soap containing tea tree oil, for a new and refreshing skin care experience.

Special organic soaps

Check out our selection of organic shaving soaps, soap for children, and soap for ethnic skin care. Your children will love the special foaming liquid organic soaps made just for them, and you will feel the difference between gentle, refreshing, organic shaving soap and regular shaving cream the first time you try any of our natural shaving soaps.

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