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Phone ring amplifiers

You can help avoid missing calls because you don't hear the ringer with phone ring amplifiers. These telephone accessories can attach to the phone you already have to increase the volume of your ringer. You can even choose a phone ring amplifier that lights up to let you know when a call is incoming. These hearing assistance devices are here at Walgreens.com from brand ClearSounds.

Clear and simple

To make talking on the phone easier, there are amplified telephones in addition to phone ring amplifiers. These phones can help make your calls louder and clearer, and can have other helpful features, as well. You can choose a phone that has large buttons for easy dialing, and there are some that announce the numbers so you can be sure you reach the right number. There are also amplified phones with caller ID, so that you know who is trying to reach you.

For better hearing

Other hearing assistance is available, including assistive listening devices like personal sound amplifiers that fit in your ear like a cell phone ear piece and can provide up to 50 db sound amplification. There are amplified answering machines to help you hear your messages loud and clear. If you use a hearing aid, you can stock up on batteries and hearing aid accessories to help keep your hearing aid in good condition.