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Playtex Tampons

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Playtex tampons

For reliable and comfortable protection during your period, choose from our selection of Playtex tampons. These tampons come in a variety of applications. Choose between Playtex Gentle Glide tampons that feature a smooth plastic applicator for ultimate comfort and Playtex sport tampons that you can rely on for active days and challenging workouts. You'll find regular, super plus and ultra tampons as well as multi-packs with various absorbencies for different days. Playtex tampons are also available in scented and unscented varieties here at

Types of tampons

The unique design of Gentle Glide tampons features an absorbent core that effectively traps fluid. These Playtex tampons also have non-slip grips to make them easy to use. If you need sport-level protection, Playtex sport tampons have an anti-leak back up layer to offer a second defense against leakage. These sport tampons also have a unique contoured applicator and a quiet wrapper that's simple to open.

Additional feminine care products

From feminine protection products to relief for PMS symptoms, we carry a wide variety of feminine care products. You can find maxi pads, pantiliners and tampons in different sizes and levels of protection. Comfort and ease the pain of your time of the month with menstrual cramp relief remedies and PMS treatments. You'll also find yeast infection creams and feminine freshness washes for your health and wellness.

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