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Pre Shave Gels

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Pre-shave gels

Pre-shave gels are used before you apply shaving cream in order to soften the hairs and moisturize your skin in preparation for shaving. Using a pre-shave gel can help protect you from nicks, cuts, and razor burn. Whether you use a regular razor, a disposable razor or an electric razor, pre-shave gels can help give you the close shave you need.

Choosing a Pre-Shave Product

Instead of pre-shave gels, you might prefer to use pre-shave lotions or pre-shave oils. The particular product you choose will depend on your personal preference and skin type. Look for a gel, oil, or lotion that contains moisturizers to ensure that your skin is well-conditioned before you shave.

Ensuring a close shave

Since the point of pre-shave gels is to help you get a close shave, don't skimp on other aspects of your shaving routine that could counteract the good start you are making. Choose a high-quality razor or electric razor that gives you a close shave without scraping or nicking your skin. After shaving, you should splash some aftershave on your skin to keep it looking and feeling its best.

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