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Clean, condition, style, repair, and protect your hair with the Pureology line of hair care products. Choose the right Pureology shampoo for you and purchase a matching conditioner to help you achieve healthy, beautiful hair. There are multiple Pureology products available at including shampo, conditioner and styling gel.

Pureology shampoo and conditioner

Add body to limp and lifeless locks with the PureVolume shampoo. This shampoo moisturizes and cleans your hair without weighing it down, so you can have bouncy and radiant hair. Repair dry and damaged hair with Pureology Hydrate shampoo. It contains potent antioxidants to hydrate, strengthen, and repair hair, and it also contains UVA and UVB sunscreen to protect hair from damage caused by the sun. Use Pureology Purify shampoo to remove impurities from hair while protecting color-treated hair from fading caused by harsh sulfates. Conditioners are available that provide additional benefits to leave your hair soft and manageable. If you need additional conditioning, try the Pureology Essential Repair InstantRepair leave-in conditioner.

Styling products and treatments

Pureology offers a complete line of styling products to help you achieve the desired look. The HoldFast hair gels gives you superior hold without flaking, and RootLift spray mousse will give your hair body and volume. Use the PureVolume Blow Dry Amplifier to give your hair volume and body. Mold and shape hair of any length using Pureology Texture Twist. Use Hydrate ShineMax to add vibrant shine to dull and distressed locks. When you have achieved the desired look, keep it in place all day with finishing spray. All products are designed to prevent fading of color-treated hair.

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