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Razor Blades at Walgreens

Get the closest shave with fresh, new razor blades. We have one of the widest selections of razor blades for the latest men's and women's razors, as well as blades for older, traditional razors. Walgreens.com has blades from well-known brands like Gillette, Schick and Bic.

What Types of Razors Does Walgreens Sell?

Most of today's razors, from men's face razors to women's legs razors, usually use blade cartridges. These cartridges contain two or more actual steel blades, and the cartridge housing protects against cuts, razor burn and bumps while ensuring a close, smooth shave. The oldest cartridge razor blades have two blades in each cartridge. Some of the latest models have four or even five actual blades along with lubricating strips to make your shave even more comfortable. Lubricating strips allow the razor to get as close as it can to the root of your unwanted hair without cutting you or causing ingrown hairs. We even carry double-edged and single-edged blades for older precision razors, utility knives and other tools that use razor blades.

How Do I Choose Which Razor Blade is Best for Me?

Most razors use only the specific type of blades that came in the original package. Older twin-edged razors may be compatible with brand-name blades as well as with our own money-saving twin-blade cartridges. Scrapers and utility knives that use disposable razors usually use single-edge blades, although some scrapers ad knives use double-edged razor blades. If you want to try a different razor blade, check our full selection of disposable razors and find one that has the same blade cartridge as a new model of regular razor. Once you find the razor you like, you can find a full set of razor blades or cartridges on our site or in your nearest Walgreens store.