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Razor Bump Treatments

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Razor bump treatments

Help your skin stay soft and smooth with razor bump treatments for men and women. Minimize irritation that can be caused by shaving with lotions or creams that help reduce redness and deter ingrown hairs. Razor bump treatments from Tend Skin, Bump Patrol, High Time and Moore Unique are available here at

Shaving solutions

Men can use razor bump creams on their face and neck, while women can use razor bump lotions on their legs, underarms and bikini areas. Some razor bump treatments include extra conditioning ingredients to further soothe and calm skin after shaving. Other shaving bump treatments are part of an entire skin care system designed to protect your skin while shaving.

Skin care supplies

You can shop for all of your shaving supplies right here. Men can find shaving cream, razors and electric shavers. Women can shop for epilators, disposable razors and rechargeable shavers as well as shaving gel. You'll also find facial moisturizers and sensitive skin cleansers for pre and post shave products.

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