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Reading glasses

Reading glasses come in many styles and are used to strenthen your vision when you're reading small print. When comparing the types of reading glasses online, first consider what kind of reading glasses you need and what material you prefer. carries glasses from brands like Foster Grant.

Reading glasses options

There are different options available when searching for reading glasses online, some of which include foldable reading glasses, reading magnifiers and plastic reading lenses. Foldable options make it easier to carry with you no matter where you go. This option usually comes with a pen-sized case for easy storage and transport. You will also find some with tinted lenses, which is ideal for times you want to read while you are outside.

Reading glasses Strength

When purchasing your reading glasses online, you need to make sure you understand the reading glass strength that is the best fit for your eyes. In order to determine the strength you need, use a reading glass chart and hold it 12 to 14 inches away from your face. Look at each line of the chart to see which one is hard to read and purchase the glasses with the corresponding strength.

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