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Reclining Wheelchairs

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Reclining wheelchairs

You want your wheelchair to offer maximum comfort, and the features you choose can dictate just how comfortable your chair truly is. If sitting upright in your wheelchair all day is causing you discomfort, consider upgrading to a reclining wheelchair, which allows you to reposition the seatback to the comfort level that is ideal for your unique needs. At Walgreens, reclining wheelchairs come in a number of styles, allowing you to evaluate features and decide which chair best fits your needs. From the degree of the recline to the design of the seatback, reclining wheelchairs vary in a number of ways. Take the time to research these products to discover the one that will add another level of comfort to your daily life.

Features of Reclining Wheelchairs

First, consider how much you want your reclining wheelchair to tilt. Reclining wheelchairs at Walgreens can tilt anywhere from 16 to 20 inches. These tilting distances affect the angle that the chair reclines. Upright, your wheelchair sits at 90 degrees, but with a reclining wheelchair, you can change the position of the seatback. You might choose a slight recline of 100 degrees or a full 180-degree recline if you want to rest while you're in your wheelchair. Beyond the degree of the recline, these wheelchairs offer a number of other features as well. Elevating leg rests offer additional comfort, allowing you to lift your legs as you recline the wheelchair, thereby allowing you to comfortably relax in your chair. Anti-tippers ensure that your chair is stable even when you are adjusting the seat and leg positioning. Seatbacks on reclining wheelchairs are plush as well-you can find chairs that feature ergonomic head pillows, making a quick bit of shuteye in your wheelchair entirely possible. In addition, the upholstery of your chair is ergonomic as well, using breathable material and offering comfort from head to toe. Reclining wheelchairs give you a greater variety of positioning while in your chair, which can help minimize any discomfort. Thanks to the many comfort-inducing features of these chairs, you're sure to enjoy your new reclining wheelchair. Explore what Waglreens has to offer to find the one that's right for your unique needs.

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