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Regular Maxi Pads

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Regular maxi pads

To help you stay confident and dry, choose regular maxi pads. There are a variety of these maxi pads to consider, whether you'd prefer scented or unscented, or those with wings or without. For discreet, flexible coverage, there are thin maxi pads that can be comfortable and reliable. Regular maxi pads from brands Always, Kotex, Stayfree and more are here at

Feel protected each day

Regular or moderate maxi pads offer reliable protection and can help keep you dry and feeling fresh. With the selection of regular maxi pads available, you can pick and choose the features that matter most to you. Most of these feminine pads can protect against leaks, some offer quiet wrappers and there are different shapes to conform to your body. Ultra thin regular maxi pads offer slim, discreet protection that is designed to be just as reliable without the bulk of some maxi pads.

More than maxi pads

For the different levels and types of protection you need, has a large selection of feminine protection products to choose from. Trusted brands are here with tampons, pantiliners and menstrual pain relievers to help you navigate any time of the month. Need relief from sleeplessness, cramps, bloating or fatigue? Try PMS pain relief remedies and heat therapy products to help alleviate cramps. Our assortment of [feminine needs] items also includes freshness wipes, feminine washes and vaginal antifungal treatments for other feminine health concerns.

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